Ramblin' Rangers - Brad & BonnieJo Exton

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Chuckwagon cookouts - a gathering in Montana - Heritage Centres - State Parks - Ranches - Colorado - New Mexico - the Midwest - Dakotas - Canada.

If you’re traveling these parts looking for music honouring the western way of life, you’ll likely find the Ramblin’ Rangers. They have enjoyed many years singing to the hearts of romantics everywhere. BonnieJo and Brad, former park/forest rangers based out of Hot Spring, SD, bring a special insight to their storytelling.

Songs that claim history, that awaken the nostalgic need slumbering in our souls, of joy and heartache, of labour and love - songs that bear on our very essence.

Entertainers and songwriters, they offer a distinct sound blending BonniJo’s tender harmonies with Brad’s easy voice, ‘smooth as a velvet comforter’. Playing and telling stories, mixing with fans and friends, it adds up to a sharing that the Ramblin’ Rangers took aim at, when their journey began.

Ramblin’ Rangers - Brad & BonnieJo Exton


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