Jen Zollner - Singer / Songwriter

Jen Zollner.jpg

Jen is a singer, songwriter from Medicine Hat, AB. Retiring from ranch life, has given her the opportunity to write, perform and enjoy music. She now leads a dance band and mentors a ukulele sing-a-long group to entertain seniors.

It’s the admiration of the wholesome entertainment at cowboy gatherings that prompted Jen to play guitar and write poetry. Her unique style is a rhyme put to music that recounts everyday family and country experiences- sometimes reflective but often ending with a humourous twist. Her trademark is short unexpected narration in the middle of melodies.

Jen Zollner

Margaret Wilhelm - Cowboy Poet

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Margaret lives on a ranch in Montana. People say she sees life from a slightly different slant…who else would write a tribute to her washing machine or an ode to the neighbour’s goat. Margaret loves to laugh and hopes her contemporary poetry about ranch and rural life will produce a smile and a chuckle.

Margaret Wilhelm

White Sulphur Springs, MO



Harold Webber - Cowboy Poet / Singer

Harold Webber.jpg

Harold was born on the farm near Stony Plain, AB where he worked the stampede chutes during his teenage years. Harold worked heavy equipment, building and maintaining Alberta’s roads. In 1975 he realized the dream of ranching; moved to Drayton Valley where he bought a ranch, working it for 26 years. He retired to Sundre, AB where he began writing poetry about his life on the ranch and being in the mountains with friends.

Harold is blessed to have done what he loved to do - remembering friends of the past and enjoying new friendships along the way.

Harold Webber

The Wardens - Bradley Bischoff, Scott Ward & Ray Schmidt - Singers & Musicians

Reflecting over 65 years of mountain adventure, The Wardens - share original songs and stories about the history and traditions of Canada’s National Park Wardens Service.

The Wardens.jpg

Superb musicianship, haunting vocals and chilling tales from three men who spent their careers in the most rugged of all places. The Wardens bring it… Blood, sweat and tears of bygone years of Banff and Jasper.

The Wardens perform throughout Western Canada and the US. They were nominated for the 2017 Album of the Year for ‘Sleeping Buffalo’ by the Association of Country Music in Alberta and the 2017 Touring Artist of the Year Award by the BC Touring Council.

‘Their performance will leave you with a taste of the danger, adventure and cowboy ruggedness of life as a park warden’ - Banff Crag and Canyon

The Wardens




Wendy Vaughan - Cowboy Poet

Wendy Vaughn.jpg

Raised west of Cochrane in the Ghost River area, Wendy experienced ranch life first hand. Many of her ranch experiences are told in poetic form in her book The Corral Bars are Down. Wendy has been writing and performing poetry since 1988 where she performed at the Pincher Creek Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Since then she has entertained banquets, rodeos, fundraisers and gatherings in Western Canada and Montana. Wendy currently resides with her husband Walter on the family farm.

She is a charter member of the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Assoc. She has provided entertainers for the Bards and Beef Show in Crossfield, AB which is an annual fundraiser for the Westbrook 4H Club from 1997 - 2008. Wendy is instrumental in the production of ACPA’s annual Trail’s End Gatherings.

Wendy Vaughan

Crossfield, AB



Brent Townsend

Brent Townsend.jpg

Whether you’re a pleasure rider, professional rodeo competitor or working wrangler, your comfort zone is governed by various seasonal elements. Witnessing a prairie thunderstorm can be an unforgettable and life-changing experience; nature is the most single, solitary aspect that shaped the range lands, we know today.

When Brent decided to move to the west, he didn’t fully comprehend the allure prairie-life instills in people. The untamed vistas are as much a part of Brent as he is of them. He likes to share his experiences in poetry and prose so that future generations will understand why we need to preserve our living heritage.

Brent Townsend

BJ Smith - Cowboy Poet

BJ is an experienced horse-trainer, riding coach, packer, mountain guide, clinician, survival expert and Canadian Ski Patrol instructor. He has taught wilderness topics at the university and college level and delivered hundreds of safety talks to school students.

Following a full career in the RCMP, where he experienced years of service in the Arctic, BJ supervised criminal investigations for the Government of Alberta, instructed for the Lethbridge College and sat as the President for the Lethbridge Riding Assoc.

BJ Smith.jpg

He routinely guides groups of wilderness travelers on horseback through the Rockies, often on week-long trips. His skill and knowledge as a packer and horseman has been recognized by the Alberta Trail Riders Assoc and private equestrian clubs who have enjoyed his clinics. He has consulted with Rafter 6 Ranch Resort and the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies. He developed and instructs ‘The Wilderness Wrangler’ outdoor course at Olds Agricultural College, which focuses on back-country horsemanship skills.

Past President of Cowboy Poetry Assoc., recipient of the Academy of Western Artists Will Rogers award and National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo Silver Buckle, BJ’s professional and comical performances have been featured at gatherings and festivals across Western Canada, the US and cruise liners. He is the author of two books and three CD's and is often featured on radio and TV.

BJ Smith




Robbie Robertson - The Mountie Cowboy Poet

Robbie Robertson.jpg

Robbie has been associated with The Royal Canadian Mounted Police for more than 60 years, being an active member for 28 years. He writes and recites poetry about the early history of the Force and some of its heroes, as well as traditional cowboy poetry.

He was the first member of the Force to be given permission to wear the uniform after retirement for other than ‘State or formal occasions’. Robbie wears an 1895 N.W.M.P. period uniform or the current R.C.M.P. Red Serge while reciting his Mountie poetry. While he is not a ‘real working cowboy’, he has worked cattle in three provinces and two states. He is a member of the RCMP Veterans Assoc., an Honourary Member of the former Texas Rangers Assoc., a life-member and past president of the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Assoc.

Robbie has performed in England, Texas, Arizona, Montana and throughout Western Canada. He has appeared on national TV and radio and is a guest lecturer on Alaskan cruises with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The Mountie Cowboy Poet is available for private and corporate events and joins Perry Jacobson and BJ Smith as one of the Queen’s Cowboys.

Robbie Robertson The Mountie Cowboy Poet

Staff Sergeant retired

High River, AB

tel 403-652-5645 fax 403-652-5680


Phyllis Rathwell - Cowboy Poet

Phyllis Rathwell.jpg

Phyllis and husband Larry love the ranching life. They refuse to give in to BSE, drought, grasshoppers, cranky bankers or common sense. Her sense of humour and ‘been there done that’ experience with ranch life delights audiences. She claims to be equally (in)competent at “workin’ cattle, checkin’ pens, fencin’, balin’, cussin’ gates and riding the grub line.”

Her poetry reflects the reality of ranch life. She has been a featured poet on both sides of the border; Colorado, Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan. Phyllis and Larry have become popular after dinner entertainment whenever rural folk need a few laughs.

Phyllis has been heard on CBC radio and the show Spirit of the West. Her work has been included in several anthologies, newspapers and country magazines. Her publications include two books and one CD.

Phyllis Rathwell

Elkwater, AB



Ramblin' Rangers - Brad & BonnieJo Exton

Ramblin Rangers.jpg

Chuckwagon cookouts - a gathering in Montana - Heritage Centres - State Parks - Ranches - Colorado - New Mexico - the Midwest - Dakotas - Canada.

If you’re traveling these parts looking for music honouring the western way of life, you’ll likely find the Ramblin’ Rangers. They have enjoyed many years singing to the hearts of romantics everywhere. BonnieJo and Brad, former park/forest rangers based out of Hot Spring, SD, bring a special insight to their storytelling.

Songs that claim history, that awaken the nostalgic need slumbering in our souls, of joy and heartache, of labour and love - songs that bear on our very essence.

Entertainers and songwriters, they offer a distinct sound blending BonniJo’s tender harmonies with Brad’s easy voice, ‘smooth as a velvet comforter’. Playing and telling stories, mixing with fans and friends, it adds up to a sharing that the Ramblin’ Rangers took aim at, when their journey began.

Ramblin’ Rangers - Brad & BonnieJo Exton



Lewis Martin Pederson

From riding bulls to singing about bulls to reciting a lot of bull, Lewis (from High River, AB) has done it all (nearly). He is a rancher/farmer whose sense of humour has helped him survive a rodeo and recording career with Rodeo Number One Spot his claim to fame. He has a book titled Cowboy Philosophy.

Lewis M-Pederson.jpg

Lewis, who loves to make people laugh, has entertained people from Toronto to Sicamous over the past 40 years. He has performed poetry in Pincher Creek, Medicine Hat, Maple Creek and at the Calgary Stampede. He currently runs the saddle shop at the BarU Ranch, Canada’s only National Park with a western theme.

Lewis Martin Pederson



Joyce Pallister-Bronsch - retired Cowboy Poet / Storey Teller

Joyce worked at the Calgary Stockyard where she met her husband Hank. The western way of life, took them to Edmonton and then to Stettler where she operated a health food store for many years. Joyce also managed the gift shop at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site at Longview.

Joyce P-Bronsch.jpg

After Hank’s death in 2005, Joyce compiled his stories of early ranch history into 3 books. She has also published a book on cowboy poetry, containing artistic illustrations by Don Brestler of Twin Butte. She has won various awards from the Canadian Country Gospel Music Association, Honoree of the Year from the Cowgirl Cattle Company and a bronze medal from the International Independent Publishers Book Awards. Joyce was the recipient of the Canada 150 medal for community service and in 2017 was nominated for the Calgary Stampede Western Legacy Awards in the Sustained Contribution Category, receiving a President’s Medal as runner-up.

Through her western personality, Joyce shared her poems with audiences at fall suppers, musical concerts cowboy poetry gatherings and numerous community events. She married Edwin Bronsch and resides in High River.

Joyce Pallister-Bronsch

High River, AB

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Al Owchar - Singer / Songwriter

Al Owchar.jpg

Al is a singer, songwriter, musician, cowboy poet and luthier. Al was born in Drumheller, grew up on a farm near Rocky Mountain House and currently resides in Calgary. While living on the farm, he taught himself to play the guitar and harmonica, to sing and compose songs. He continued to expand his musical interests by taking lessons on guitar, banjo, bass, accordion, mandolin and fiddle; also playing in local dance bands.

In his early years, Al had the opportunity to play bass for some of the top Grand Ole Oprey stars such as George Jones, Merle Travis, Red Foley and others. Al continues to perform with his current dance band ‘Rusty Wires’ and does singles and duets at cowboy poetry gatherings corporate and private functions.

Al has released 7 CD’s, has appeared on two Cowboy Country TV episode and is the recipient of the AMOCM Lifetime Achievement Award for 2009. When not involved with performing, Al repairs and builds musical instruments.

Al Owchar

Calgary, AB



Todd Nakamura

Todd Nakamura.jpg

Todd’s family connection with Alberta began in 1889 when his grandfather, after being employed with the Canadian Pacific Railway, helped open one of the first general stores in Canmore. While he comes from an Asian heritage, he was regaled with stories of colourful characters like Guy Weddick, Pat Burns and pioneers like Western Slim and John Ware.

Later in life, immersing himself in the western lifestyle, Todd rode bulls with the Foothills Cowboy Association along the Cowboy Trail. After deciding that ‘he breaks and no longer bounces’, he turned his attention to horses. He started writing poetry to entertain guests while working as a wrangler for Holiday on Horseback in Banff and at Rafter 6 Ranch in Kananaskis.

The stories of the poetry Todd weaves are a combination of Alberta history humour and the odd tall tale. In addition to writing, Todd spends the off season tooling leather and building western style Vaquero saddles.

Todd Nakamura


Linda Nadon - Cowboy Poet / Singer / Musician

Linda and her husband own and operate the N7 Ranch, a commercial cow-calf operation, near Meadow Lake Saskatchewan. Her poems are the ‘Real Deal’, as they reflect her experiences on the ranch - the critters and calamities that come with day to day life provide a never-ending supply of poetry material. Linda comes from a family of very talented musicians; she sings and plays guitar and began performing at a very young age. She is no stranger to the stage. Linda is a Veterinarian Technician and has a deep love for animals and nature, especially horses.

Linda Nadon.png

Linda has been writing poetry for over 25 years and has found her niche in Cowboy Poetry. She placed second in the 2017 Columbia River Cowboy Poet Idol Contest in Kennewick, WA. She has many poems published on cowboy and her poem ‘A Quarter of a Century’ was published in the 2016 fall edition of the Western Way magazine.

Linda has performed at many local functions including the Maple Creek Mustering, the Willow Creek Cowboy Gathering and the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. She was also at the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies and performed at the Kamloops 2019 Cowboy Gathering. Her debut CD ‘ North of 54’ was released in 2015 and she continues to work on another book of poetry.

Linda Nadon

Meadow Lake, SK

306-236-6790 and 306-236-8759


Richard Mousseau aka Cheeks-too-Soft - Cowboy Poet / Author / Musician / Songwriter

The West has their cowboys and so does the East: Richard’s alter ego, Cheeks, has just not ‘moved west young man’.

Richard Mousseau.jpg

Sliding down the aging side of a manure pile, Richard minds a small farm and a menagerie of farm livestock from cows to 50 head of free range future marinated tender turkey steaks. How does an Eastern Cowboy live the cowboy of the Canadian Western lore? Well, he must have lived a past cowboy life. He now writes about sod busters, ranches, cattle drives and the many adventures of fellow bunkhouse trail hands, Just-The-Cook, Sourdough, Old Bones, Ole Fool, Tenderfoot and the ladies of the west that keep their man tethered.

From cowboy poetry to western novels, radio and theatre plays, not to mention facts and quotes that define the cowboy mystique. Richard writes through the character of Cheeks-Too-Soft and the cowboy/cowgirl in all of us. He has four novels available: Cowboy Poetry For Sale, Mr. Cheeks-too-Soft, Just the Cooks Trailside Gourmet Cooking and Badland Trails.

Richard Mousseau aka Cheeks-Too-Soft

Prince Twp. ON

Moose Hide Books




Hugh McLennan - Poet / Singer / Speaker / MC

Hugh McLennan.jpg

Hugh is the voice of the award winning ‘Spirit of the West’ radio program, heard on stations in Canada, the US and around the world. This program has been honoured with awards from Toronto to Texas. He is the known voice of the Trainers Challenge at the Mane Event and for his Entertainment on Horseback - like Cowboy Church. He has been the MC for the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame induction ceremony since its inception.

Hugh’s other talent is delivering keynote addresses and inspirational messages to audiences all over North America. He tailors every presentation to reach the concerns of his audiences. A real working rancher, his knowledge of the cattle industry and his skill with horses have added to his understanding of life and its challenges.

He plays guitar, sings cowboy songs, does cowboy poetry and is a great event MC. He has 3 CD’s - The Creak of the Leather, Cowboy Reflections and The Best of the Spirit of the West. His one book is Ways of the West, Working Ranch Horse series.

Hugh McLennan

Pinantan Lake, BC


E-mail hugh_mclennan@telus .net


Mag Mawhinney - Cowboy Poet

Mag Mahhinney.jpg

Mag is an award winning western roots poet who was named the 2012 Cowgirl Poet of the Year for the Will Rogers Awards, sponsored by the Academy of Western Artists. She is also a past recipient of the Lariat Laureate award. She was nominated top five for 2014/2015 Western Music Association Award of Excellence for Cowgirl Poet of the Year. She has been a featured performer at every major cowboy festival and other events in Western Canada and into the US. Her recitations have also been aired on TV and radio.

Her passion for writing extends to freelancing and has been published internationally in numerous magazines, anthologies, newspapers and websites. In recent years, Mag has turned her hand to songwriting and her fourth book (Western Spirit) won the 2013 Cowboy Poetry Book of the Year from the Western Music Association.

Mag Mawhinney

Cobble Hill, BC



E-mail mvmawhinney@shaw .ca

Nora Maidman - Musician

Nora Maidman.jpg

Nora has been playing music since starting on the piano as a child and has since become an accomplished musician. She plays the guitar, flute, fiddle, Celtic harp, U-bass, autoharp, dobro but her favourite is the mandolin. Musical influences range from classical to bluegrass, celtic, cowboy folk and blues.

She plays with a group called The Harmony Hounds and has played at farmers markets, private events, street and musical festivals. Nora has also performed at Calgary’s Heritage Park and the Calgary Stampede. She continues to play regularly withe Prairie Mountain Fiddlers and the Confederation Park Ukuleles.

Nora is a past president of the Foothills Bluegrass music Society and is currently the Director of Membership for the ACPA. She has released a CD with The Harmony Hounds (Through the Trees) in 2003 and in 2018 a solo CD (Angel of St. Mary’s).

Nora Maidman

Dale Mead, AB


Blog on WordPress Harmonyhoundsandhorses


Perry Jacobson - Singer / Cowboy Poet

Perry Jacobson.jpg

Perry was a working cowboy where he ranched with his parents near Medicine Hat and Millarville, AB before joining the Warden Service where he retired as Chief Park Warden of Banff National Park in 2000. His youth spent as a rodeo cowboy, contributed to his love, respect and knowledge of the cowboy life that he has captured in the writings and performances of his poetry and songs. His work strives to maintain the rich culture and tradition of the western way of life.

His compositions, whether in song or poetry, are a reflection of his experience in ranching, rodeo and working in the pristine wilderness areas of our National Parks.

Perry was the lead singer of the band Latigo from 2000-2008; the band traveled extensively in the prairie provinces, toured Canada’s East Coast in 2006 and Arizona in 2008. Latigo produced two CD’s - Kansas in the Fall and The Drifter. He is the past president of The Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association.

Perry Jacobson

High River, AB