Richard Mousseau aka Cheeks-too-Soft - Cowboy Poet / Author / Musician / Songwriter

The West has their cowboys and so does the East: Richard’s alter ego, Cheeks, has just not ‘moved west young man’.

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Sliding down the aging side of a manure pile, Richard minds a small farm and a menagerie of farm livestock from cows to 50 head of free range future marinated tender turkey steaks. How does an Eastern Cowboy live the cowboy of the Canadian Western lore? Well, he must have lived a past cowboy life. He now writes about sod busters, ranches, cattle drives and the many adventures of fellow bunkhouse trail hands, Just-The-Cook, Sourdough, Old Bones, Ole Fool, Tenderfoot and the ladies of the west that keep their man tethered.

From cowboy poetry to western novels, radio and theatre plays, not to mention facts and quotes that define the cowboy mystique. Richard writes through the character of Cheeks-Too-Soft and the cowboy/cowgirl in all of us. He has four novels available: Cowboy Poetry For Sale, Mr. Cheeks-too-Soft, Just the Cooks Trailside Gourmet Cooking and Badland Trails.

Richard Mousseau aka Cheeks-Too-Soft

Prince Twp. ON

Moose Hide Books