Phyllis Rathwell - Cowboy Poet

Phyllis Rathwell.jpg

Phyllis and husband Larry love the ranching life. They refuse to give in to BSE, drought, grasshoppers, cranky bankers or common sense. Her sense of humour and ‘been there done that’ experience with ranch life delights audiences. She claims to be equally (in)competent at “workin’ cattle, checkin’ pens, fencin’, balin’, cussin’ gates and riding the grub line.”

Her poetry reflects the reality of ranch life. She has been a featured poet on both sides of the border; Colorado, Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan. Phyllis and Larry have become popular after dinner entertainment whenever rural folk need a few laughs.

Phyllis has been heard on CBC radio and the show Spirit of the West. Her work has been included in several anthologies, newspapers and country magazines. Her publications include two books and one CD.

Phyllis Rathwell

Elkwater, AB