Jim Hamilton - Rancher / Poet

Jim and his wife Marge are lifelong ranchers on the east slope of the Wolf Mountains in Montana, where they try to preserve the old cowboy ways, doing the ranching on horseback. Jim’s poetry reflects ranching life and the the cowboy way of life. He strives for authenticity and is highly flattered when a real cowboy or rancher tells him “I could sure see that happening when you told about it’.

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Jim has written and recited his humourous poetry for over 30 years. He has performed in venues throughout Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and more recently in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In April 2016, Jim placed first in the poetry division at the Cowboy Idol competition at the Columbia River Cowboy Gathering in Kennewick, WA. He currently has 3 CD’s.

Jim Hamilton

Decker, Montana - 406-757-2215

E-mail LazyT3ranch@gmail.com