Noel Burles, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Cowboy Poet


Noel grew up on a large cattle ranch near Cowley, Alberta.  As a result, Noel learned his ”cowboy” skills at an early age; they were further honed working at other ranches.

Noel has worked for lumber companies, driven truck, washed cars, worked as a prep cook and dishwasher. He is also a licensed mechanic and millwright.

“Been there, done that!”

Noel plays numerous instruments including rhythm guitar, base guitar, mandolin and most recently, fiddle.

Noel has travelled all across Canada, the USA, Mexico, and performed in England and Australia. He continues to travel the world, sharing his talents.


He has two poetry books and one CD of original songs.

Noel Burles


Phone: 403-315-2355