Nora Maidman - Musician

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Nora has been playing music since starting on the piano as a child and has since become an accomplished musician. She plays the guitar, flute, fiddle, Celtic harp, U-bass, autoharp, dobro but her favourite is the mandolin. Musical influences range from classical to bluegrass, celtic, cowboy folk and blues.

She plays with a group called The Harmony Hounds and has played at farmers markets, private events, street and musical festivals. Nora has also performed at Calgary’s Heritage Park and the Calgary Stampede. She continues to play regularly withe Prairie Mountain Fiddlers and the Confederation Park Ukuleles.

Nora is a past president of the Foothills Bluegrass music Society and is currently the Director of Membership for the ACPA. She has released a CD with The Harmony Hounds (Through the Trees) in 2003 and in 2018 a solo CD (Angel of St. Mary’s).

Nora Maidman

Dale Mead, AB


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