Ol' Ugly aka John Glawson - Comedic Storyteller

Heroes such as Red Skelton, Jerry Clowers, Charlie Douglass and Wendy Bagwell have helped Ol’ Ugly shape his act into the barnyard clean and hilarious act it is today. Stories about his older brother Blue, his 86 year old Aunt Tilley and her boyfriend Creaky Olsen has earned Ol’ Ugly the reputation throughout western Canada and northern USA as one of Canada’s funniest storytellers.

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His storyteller heroes knew how to respect an audience; they were truly funny because they knew how to make people laugh without resorting to swearing. They didn’t use their audience to get a laugh; they used themselves. That made the audience feel comfortable and enjoy their time with the comedian. “That’s the type of entertainer I want to emulate. That is my goal.’

Ol’ Ugly - John Glawson

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