Buddy Gale - Cowboy Poet / Songwriter

Buddy was born in Buck Lake, AB; in the hard economic times in the 1930’s. Working long days wasn’t a choice of ‘want to’, or ‘don’t want to’, you ‘had to’.

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Buddy was 12 years old when ha and a pal jumped a freight car out of Winfield, AB riding through Lacombe and Calgary to the famous ranches of southern Alberta. he would later recall these cowboy ways in his poems.

In 1948, he took to trucking, logging and pipelining but he never forgot the details of life as a cowboy and remained a keen observer of the cowboy lifestyle.

Buddy wrote his first poem 20 years ago after reading stories and reviews on Cowboy poetry. More than 100 of his 600+ poems have been put to music by 30 artists who recognize their authenticity and accuracy are critical in preserving the cowboy and the cowboy way.

Buddy Gale

E-mail budgale@gmail.com

CD - Santa’s Playground